• If your equipment is under warranty, authorized service centers are the only ones that can expedite repairs and bill the manufacturer.
  • Factory authorized service centers are required to have service data on the product, and maintain a subscription so that they have the info as soon as the product is released. This helps insure there will not be any delay servicing your equipment.
  • Factory authorized service centers are required to invest inthe service tools, jigs, test equipment, computer interfaces and software specific to each brand necessary to effectively service modern consumer electronics.  Without proper equipment, a technician may be unable to repair your equipment, and may even damage it further.
  • Factory authorized service centers are required to have their technicians attend the manufacturer's service training on new products as they are released.  This helps to insure you will get the best service on your product.
  • Factory authorized service centers are responsible to the manufacturer.  Poor service or business preactices will result in the servicer loosing his authorization.  If you take your equipment to a non authorized servicer, you are on your own, but if you use an authorized service center, and you have problems, the manufacturer will step in an see that you get satisifaction.   You may find the service rates from factory authorized service centers are a little higher due to the increased overhead, but in the long run you will save by having your equipment repaired properly the first time.

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